What to do in a power cut

fuse-boxIf you struggle with knowing what to do when the power goes out, look no further. We’ve put together a handy guide that tells you the steps to take in the event of a power outage. While a sudden loss of electricity to your home can be surprising and stressful, there’s no need to panic. Simply follow our power outage safety tips and keep your home safe.

Check nearby buildings

Take a look outside. Check the houses of your neighbours and other buildings close by. If they have also lost power, then it is likely that your area is experiencing a power cut. If not, then the fault is probably with your electrical system specifically. This could be something as simple as the fuse box tripping.

Call your local network operator on 105

105 is a free helpline in England, Scotland, and Wales that you can call in the event of a power outage. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action. If you have a critical need for electricity, such as to power medical equipment, they might be able to put you on a priority register to deliver you the power you require.

Turn off electrical appliances

If you were using any appliances when the power went off, make sure they are all switched off or unplugged if possible. This means if the power turns back on when you’re out or in a different part of the house they won’t switch back on with you knowing. This is particularly important for items like ovens, clothes irons, and hair straighteners.

Check on vulnerable neighbours

If it safe and possible for you to do so, check on your elderly or vulnerable neighbours. Make sure that they are warm enough and are safe. If they have any special requirements, call 105 and ask if they can be put on the priority register. Also, turn off electrical appliances that were left on when the power outage began.

Prepare for a power outage

Now you know what to do in a power cut, another step you can take is preparation. There are a few important supplies you can have on hand to be ready for a power outage. Make sure that they are stored together, are within easy reach, and that everyone in your household knows where to find them.

  • Light

    A powerful torch is an essential. It ensures you have a source of light so that you can safely navigate around your home and is safer than candles. Remember to also keep spare batteries nearby.

  • Warmth

    Even if your heating system is gas powered, your boiler needs electricity to run and will not work during a power outage. Have some thick blankets to hand to make sure you stay warm.

  • Food

    Don’t open your fridge or freezer and cover the doors with blankets or towels. This will slow the thawing process. Remember to stock up on non-perishable foods that don’t require cooking.

We know that a power cut can be highly disruptive and distressing. While we cannot prevent you from experiencing an outage we can make sure you’re prepared and ready to act if one does happen. If you’re often experiencing power cuts at your property, or if your home’s electrical system isn’t working properly after a power outage, be sure to get in touch with the experts. Our team at Coutts Electrical Contractors are available to fix faults and upgrade your system. Simply call 0800 1125 050 or email office@couttselectrical.co.uk for electrical solutions that are delivered by trustworthy local contractors.