5 signs your home needs rewiring

Wiring is an often ignored but extremely important part of your home. It is essential that it is well-maintained and of high-quality to keep your electrical system functional and safe. In England and Wales 15% of fires are caused by electrical faults, illustrating how key it is to ensure your system is working properly. If you’re experiencing any of the problems described below, you should consult an electrician and discuss if a rewire will help your home.

Power fluctuations

Fluctuations in your home’s power supply can manifest in a number of ways. Your lights flickering or unexpectedly dimming are the most common indicator that there is something wrong. This is usually caused by connections inside the house becoming corroded over time or loosening. It can also be due to the network being overloaded with power or the conductor wires being an inadequate size for your power needs. A rewire will ensure that the damaged or unsuitable components and wiring are removed and replaced with modern alternatives.

Scorch marks or a burning smell

Can you smell a persistent burning odour but cannot find the source? Have you spotted scorch marks or discolouration around your plug sockets or switches? These are signs of tiny electrical fires being started due to loose connections or faulty wiring in your home’s electrical system. If you detect either of these issues, then contact a professional immediately. It is a sign that your home’s wiring has developed faults that are causing these small electrical fires.

Lightbulbs and fuses blowing

While it is normal for lightbulbs to eventually reach the end of their life, if it is happening frequently then you have a problem. Fuses are also supposed to have a much longer lifespan and for them to blow unexpectedly could indicate a serious issue. It can be a sign that your wiring is not equipped to handle the voltage of your home’s electricity supply. A home rewire can ensure that your system is updated with proper wiring that is up to the task.

Electric shocks 

Receiving electric shocks from plugs, cords, or wires is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your home’s electrical system. If you’ve been shocked while using or plugging in an appliance, or just from touching a cable then your wiring might be faulty or outdated. Loose connections or damaged wiring can be serious hazards in your home. If you experience any of these issues or see sparks coming from your electrical outlets, be sure to contact a professional.

Older property

Homes over forty years old are more susceptible to electrical faults and are more likely to have systems that are not up to date and compliant with modern safety standards. The wiring is older and is prone to fraying or damage, plastic insulation can crack, and older fuses pre-date modern circuit breakers. Older plug designs do not have a grounding wire, which provides an extra level of safety in the event of an unstable electrical current. A full rewire will remove these old components and ensure your home’s electrical system is replaced with modern, safe equipment.

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