Why should you get an EV charger?

ev-chargerA home charging point is ideal for anyone who owns an electric vehicle. It is a highly useful appliance that is straightforward for a professional to install and deliver genuine benefits to you and your property. Your home’s EV charger will charge your vehicle at your convenience and more efficiently than public chargers. Many of our clients can’t believe there was a time they ever went without one.

Works efficiently

An EV charger that has been properly fitted by a professional will deliver far greater efficiency than other alternatives, charging your vehicle full within 4 to 6 hours. A regular 3-pin plug from the mains takes at least 6 hours, often longer. Public chargers work more slowly than a home unit and may cost you more to work at higher efficiencies. Having a charger of your very own will ensure your vehicle is charged and ready to go quickly and without excessive costs.

Environmentally conscious

Many models can be integrated with a green energy system like solar panels. By connecting your home EV charger to a renewable source you can reduce your environmental impact by charging your vehicle with clean energy. If you have a system like solar panels, you could potentially charge your car for free during the summer months.

Saves you money

In both the short-term and long-term, an EV charger is an excellent asset for your home. It can deliver more financial freedom, reduces household expenses, and even generate further value.

  • Save on costs

    Public charging points often charge more than the real cost of the electricity to turn a profit. Home chargers are often more efficient than those found on the street, so having your own unit at home plugged into the national grid means you only need to pay for the power itself.

  • Increased property value

    The Property Buying Company found that properties with electric vehicle chargers could sell for as much as 30% over the local average. This is an incredible return on investment for such a straightforward installation.

  • Avoiding peak times

    Having a charger at homes means charging when you choose. This enables you to potentially avoid peak times for power costs and charge when electricity is cheaper. You’ll reap the benefits of your home charger every time you go to charge.

Convenient to use

Having your very own charger for your electric vehicle offers unparalleled convenience. You’ll never have to waste time trying to find a public charger or waiting for one to become free. All the power you need will be right at your fingertips. With an OZEV grant to reduce costs, no need for planning permission, and qualified installers near you, it’s never been easier to get an EV charger installed at your home.

Charge on your terms

A home charging unit will enable you to only charge your vehicle as and when you need it, and for as long or short a time as you like. You can select the right model to meet your needs for speed, efficiency, and your vehicle’s specifications. This allows you to tailor your energy needs to your requirements, rather than relying on sub-par public chargers.

A grant can reduce the cost

If you are a property owner, there is a grant provided by the Office for Zero Omission Vehicles (OZEV) for EV chargers. This is open to both homeowners and landlords, and covers as much as 75% of the price, up to £350. If you are eligible then this could make your very own charger an even more tempting option.

If you’re looking for professional EV charger installation, then get in touch with the team at Coutts Electrical Contractors. We are expert installers who take care of the entire process from start to finish to the same impeccable standard. Everything we do revolves around providing the best possible service for our customers. To have your new EV charger installed by local experts, get in touch with our team by calling 0800 112 5050 or sending an email to office@couttselectrical.co.uk.