Willersley Avenue, Orpington

4.25kWp DC
5kWh Battery Storage
7kW Zappi EV Charger

Challenge: Challenging routes, Planning permission required

Solution: This install required planning permission as the only available roof space was a flat dormer roof & a flat garage roof. We instructed our architect to work with us and the client to get this put through and permission was granted. We utilised a fixed flat roof system with weather caps to prevent water ingress and reduce the need for any additional weight on the roof.

6.4kW solar installation with 9.5kWh battery storage and EV charger

Utilising both a south and east-facing roof we installed 16no 400W PV panels totaling 6.4kW. We also installed a 9.5kWh battery and 7kW EV charger to maximise energy savings, enabling our customer to charge their car for free. Additionally, we enclosed the inverter and battery as per the client’s request.

Installation: The installation was carried out over 3 days

Post installation: The customer was shown the monitoring app, which shows the PV, Battery & EV Charger details. Once the customer has switched to a smart tariff with cheap night rate, we can tell the batteries to charge overnight on the cheap rate to minimise their electricity bill

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