Heath Park Drive, Bickley

6.4kWp DC
9.5kWh Battery Storage

Challenge: High usage, wanting to limit export, challenging cable route

Solution: We designed & proposed a 16 panel system complete with bird protection which fitted nicely on the rear roof of the property. We had to design the cable route for the cable to be hidden as much as possible due to the consumer unit being in the garage in the opposite corner of the property

Installation: The installation was carried out over 2 days with a return visit to fit the EDDI hot water diverter

Post installation: Since the system was installed in August 2022
Household consumption 11,558 kWh
PV Generation 5,440 kWh
Grid import 6,118 kWh

The PV & Battery system has enabled Connie & Terry’s electricity bill to be reduced by 47% overall

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