Cranmer Gardens, Warlingham

5.8kWp DC
20kWh battery capacity
Emergency power supply

Challenge: Running a business with on-site servers and remote access required
24/7 usage
25kWh consumption per day average
Rising electricity prices

Solution: Ian had previous quotes from other contractors but couldn’t get the answers to the questions that he had asked, and he needed the EPS function to be utilised for his business server. He contacted us and we arranged a site survey. We answered all of his questions on site and produced a system design and proposal. Ian approved this proposal and we arranged an installation date a couple of weeks later.

Installation: Ian’s installation was carried out across 2 days and we performed grid loss tests to confirm the EPS functionality. The batteries have been set to charge within the 3 hour cheap rate window through the night

Post installation: Since the system was installed in March 2023 (5 months)
Household consumption 3692 kWh
PV Generation 3467 kWh
Grid export 433 kWh
Grid import 627 kWh

Ian’s bill has reduced by 83% since March 2023 when this system was commissioned

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